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     Hi - My name is Dana Reynolds. I'm an educator and holistic healer with over 35 years experience who grew up in a household where the "Age of Aquarius" was not just a song, but a way of life. Due to my family's passion for spirituality I've had the chance to encounter and study different esoteric religious philosophies and healing arts and have been involved in holistic healing practices since 1983.

     My company has been an idea many years in the making, manifesting as a place where people will be able to learn about faith traditions and cultures from around the globe. I would like to introduce classic music, books, video and holistic health products that honor the whole mind-body and spirit of the Earth as members of a global wellness and environmentally-conscious community. The main priority is thus the balance and well-being of the individual mind and body continuum and the environment in which we live and have our being. Secondly, I am interested in promoting the spirit of understanding and multiculturalism through arts, music, literature and traditions that harmonize and heal peoples around the globe.

     If you need a place to check out and learn about the best World Music or martial arts and feng shui authors, henna artists, Ayur Vedic products, health food brands, crystals and stones, teas ceremonies, Tuareg or Sikh swords, Renaissance Fairs, African herbs, Native American powwows and Sweat lodges, Kahuna practitioners, Jazz festivals, Celtic festivals or Qigong andAstanga Yoga teachers, I'm hoping to introduce such people and create a directory for them here. I'm also hoping you'll be excited about this information as I am. 

Click here on Axedide and witness an amazing dance group from Oregon specializing in African dance in the Americas. (See our Directory - Center State Portland).

Don't forget the unique ways of the earth.

Why Us?

Mount Meru Holistic Arts - a globally focused company with the most wholistic of intentions.

Mount Meru Holistic is dedicated to assisting you in alleviating the challenges you and your family face in day-to-day living. As a practitioner of powerful Chunsu healing and other energy channeling methods I've come to know that not everything can be treated with Western medicine or the materialistic philosophy of life.

Many of us are afflicted with chronic disease and ailments that we think we are meant to live with forever, due to either religious reasons and secular reasons. Are you in a domestic situation that is unbearable? Is your child autistic or being bullied at school? Do you have a tendency to have accidents? Are you suffering with arthritis, insomnia, depression, addiction, accidents, chronic fatigue, miscarriages, diabetes, cancer, eczema, addiction or a rare genetic disorder. 

Believe it or not, according to Eastern traditions each of these problems have a single deep-rooted source. There is energetic imbalance caused by previous use of energy which was out of alignment with universal law, whether in thought, word or deed. The striving in nature for readjustment and balance is often called karma. And there is individual, family, group, and even national karma.  

Chunsu, like other forms of Chi or Qi Gong or pranic channeling have been in use for thousands of years for purposes of healing and to successfully treat disease and misfortune that the West has just begun to understand as imbalanced energy. Chi or Qi is the vital balanced energy of nature behind the life force. It is very often traditionally channeled by

healers and shamans and works at the level of ancestral energies to address our problems of our lives and those of our descendants. 

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