Mount Meru Holistic Earth Directory

Experience the body and mind of humanity as heaven on earth!

  A directory for holistic service, nature conservancy and healing herbs.  

                      HOLISTIC EARTH DIRECTORY, USA
Directory for alternative and natural health practitioners and schools including practictioners and schools for accupuncture, reflexology. cranial sacral healing, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, etc.
Guide to alternative therapies and healing modalities
Ayurvedic Institute  New Mexico
 Ayurvedic school and Health Spa
 Ayurvedic lifestyle and products site
Wise Earth School  North Carolina
 Ayurvedic school offering on-site and on-line training. 
Schiffer's section focusing on metaphysical and things of the spirit. Books on everything from Astrology to Shamanism to Zombies. : )
 A PBS production on earth's current state livestreamed on the site.
Comprehensive site and newsletter for keeping in touch with nature and green living, environmental policy and organizations.
Site spotlighting worldwide, environmental agencies, green technology and other environmentally-friendly topics and trends ranging from architecture to composting to animal news!**
Organization that shares ancestral and shamanic healing techniques found around the world. They instruct in ritual practices that heal heart and soul, that allow us to work naturally with the energies of the earth and our human community, and which help us reside in place within a larger web of beings. On-line instruction and workshops available. ***
Learn some things here about the shaman way of thinking and living.
 Circles of Empowerment  - California
Organizes Sweat Lodges and ceremonies where one can learn indigenous ways and wisdom from the Elders.  
Well-known New Age center for spiritual retreat and personal development. Hosts many kinds of spiritual teachers.
The company is based on the philosophy of Korean Master Insan Ilhun Kim who introduced the combinations of bamboo salt with other healthy products. 
Directory of grocery, markets and other retailers, by company and location nationwide.
 National list of food co-operatives. 
Associated with Whole Foods Markets has the goal of ending childhood obesity, improving childhood nutrition and wellness.
Associated with Whole Foods Markets - seeks to alleviate poverty worldwide through the support of women entrepreneurs through microfinance in 69 different countries. 
High quality, wholesome organic food for the ones you also love. Treat them well! : )
 East Earth Trade Winds - California
Well-regarded and highly recommended retailer and wholesaler of large variety of Chinese herbal supplements for many health issues. Custom -made products as well. *** 
A natural pharmaceutic company having miraculous results on patients with cancer, alzheimer's, Parkinsons, autoimmune disease, diabetes, stroke and autism. The name may say it all - and this Indonesian-based company may be a protoype meant for what will issue in a Golden Era in remedying the world's most stubborn, life-threatening diseases. See testimonies on the link provided.***   
U.S. Reiki practictioner/courses listings by state
International Association of Reiki Professionals - offers a magazine, liability insurance and other resources for individuals to grow their practice. 
Organization that teaches and offers a certification program in pranic healing.
Directory of Reiki Masters, Teachers and practictioners. 
Most comprehensive directory of Reiki teachers in the United States and internationally 
Contains class locator, news journal, resources and information regarding benefits of Tai Chi an Qi Gong. Database of instructors by state.
Teacher organizer resources for Tai Chi. Includes live streamed events and interviews.  Promotes and spotlights the events of World Tai Chi Day taking place worldwide in different countries.** 
Lists schools, programs and has information on Yoga teacher training, Ayurvedic training and bodywork services.
Registry of Yoga Teacher training and schools
Directory of ashrams, yoga centers and retreats worldwide.
 Yoga Journal Plus
Liability insurance for yoga instructors.