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At Mount Meru you can learn of the way of the shaman and how to harness the vital and balanced essence of Nature. In this space you can experience rare methods of Qi or Gaia cultivation and channeling for physical and emotional healing and overall well-being.

Below is a book I was named associate reseacher for. It  explores our shared human connection to the earth, land and light - nominated for the Pulitzer, back in the 1990s. 

Either visit your local library or visit Amazon for Way of the Earth. Makes for a great coffee table book. : )

I was given this CD as a gift by the woman who authored the book Way of the Earth. I can't get enough of the Corrs and their authentic brand of Irish pop music. They'll have you wondering if the fairies themselves were responsible for writing some of these songs. Experience the authentic Irish sounds in a pop context with Haste to the Wedding and Toss the Feathers .

Proud descendant of medicine people. Healings and consultation by Dana Reynolds, MA/M.Ed/Ph.D. - over 30 years experience : )

This site is meant to serve as a Directory for those interested in multicultural and holistic living. I choose to celebrate our shared human experiences as expressed in ethnic culture and faith around the globe. It is your site for self-reflection and global connection.


Please check out the suggested websites, holistic health products, rituals, festivals, concerts, books, dvds, music and other products to further the life of abundance for your friends and family. I am so happy to finally be introducing many of the things that have brought years of satisfaction, happiness and well-being into my life. They are meant to help lead you and yours out of timeless negative patterns of lack into a space of well-being, fulfillment, service, and understanding. This is the true space toward which we are all evolving. 

Remember, we live a thousand lifetimes in a single moment, so lets make the choice to start living them to the fullest. 

Now is the time, this is the place!

Best of blessings, 


It's time to learn and appreciate the true cause and reasons behind human suffering, learn from ancient tradition and take the next steps to heal ourselves and our world. 

"Whale Rider" and "Joy Luck Club" are 2 DVDs that enable us to delve into the lived experience of two very different cultures. They will make you laugh and cry, but mostly, they will make you human.

Rent or buy - Whale Rider 

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